The Best Rugged Laptops in 2020 - Who is Dominating the Market?


Everyone purchasing a rugged laptop wants one that will last the distance. But that’s where the similarities end. Every industry, every business and every user have their own requirements for a top performing laptop. At Roaming Technologies we take your requirements and match them to the ideal laptop. 

Here are a few laptops that we’ll be recommending to our valued customers this year depending on your  business and specifications. So if you’re in the market for the best rugged laptops available in 2020, read on. 


Panasonic Toughbook 55

The Panasonic Toughbook 55 Semi Rugged Laptop is suitable for workers in a range of industries including construction, hospitality, automotive diagnostics, field works, mobile workers and maintenance crews. 


Pros of the Toughbook 55 Laptop 

A second modular battery can be added for up to 40 hours of operation

Thinnest and lightest semi rugged laptop available! 

Large 14 inch display

Quad core CPU

Four microphones for excellent speech recognition accuracy

Security features include facial recognition and two factor authentication

Secure BIOS with Intel Hardware® Shield and a secure operating system

Colour selectable backlit keyboard

Night mode functionality to reduce eye strain and provide optimal night vision.

Built-in handle for portability

Backwards compatible so you can upgrade from the CF-054 without replacing vehicle and desktop docks and chargers 

Add a Fischer USB port for smooth operation between laptop and USB device connected to

3 Year Warranty and dedicated Toughbook technical support telephone line


Cons of the Toughbook 55

Only semi rugged not fully rugged

Rated IP53 so can withstand only light sprays of water at a 60 degree angle not immersion

Not suitable for very  harsh working environments


Getac V110 Convertible Laptop & Tablet

The Getac V110 Convertible Fully Rugged Laptop and Tablet is one tough laptop suitable for field workers, miners, construction, mobile workers and maintenance crews who like the versatility of having a laptop and tablet all in one. It’s heavy-duty and can cope with the harshest working environments. 


Pros of the Getac V110 Laptop

Fully rugged 

Ultra thin at 39 mm and light at 2.1 kg

Quick folding for use as a laptop or tablet when you need

Magnesium alloy case for strength and lightness

Rubberised polymers for extra protection and shock absorption

Quickest Gtec device featuring a 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and running on Windows 10 Pro

Powerful LumiBond 2.0 technology for sharp visuals 

Advanced touch modes including finger, glove or stylus pen mode

Hot swappable dual battery capabilities for up to 13 hours operation with two batteries

Full size keyboard

Rated to IP65 to survive drop test at height of 4 feet 20 times

3 Year bumper to bumper warranty


Cons of the Getac V110

11.6 inch display isn’t as large as others


Panasonic Toughpad CF-20 

Known as the world’s first fully-detachable 2-in-1 notebook, the Panasonic Toughpad CF-20 Fully Rugged Laptop can be used in six different usage modes. Choose between notebook mode, tablet mode, convertible mode, presentation mode, handle mode and vehicle mode. The Toughpad is one of the best rugged-laptops with the convenience of a notebook suitable for any worker who needs the versatility of a notebook and laptop. 


Pros of the Panasonic Toughpad

Ultimate in slimline at 33.5 mm and a light 1.76 kg

Transforms from laptop to tablet using just one hand 

Certified IP65 rating

Hot swap battery replacement without disruption

Intel® Core™ i5-7Y57 vPro™ processor CPU and Windows® 10 Pro operating system

Optional class 1 div 2 groups ABCD for hazardous locations


Cons of the Panasonic Toughpad

10.1 inch display smaller than most laptops on market

Battery life 8.5 hours or 17 hours with optional second battery

Sunlight viewable screen but 800 NIT display isn’t as high as some competitors


Getac B300 13.3-inch 

It’s not just us who have named this 7th generation Getac B300 13.3-inch Fully Rugged Laptop as one of the ‘best rugged laptops on the market’. thinks so too. It’s not only the toughest rugged laptop released by Getac, they’ve designed it for use by emergency services personnel, cool room operators, construction managers, geologists, and engineers who all need a reliable laptop/notebook device.   


Pros of the Getac B300

13.3 inch display bigger than some

8th generation Intel Core Processor

Optional upgrade to 1400 NIT display to cope with full Australian sun conditions

Turbo Boost speeds of up to 3.4GHz to power any CPU intensive task

Live mapping and live video processing capabilities

Fully functional at extreme temperatures as low as -29°C

TPM 2.0 security software to protect sensitive data

Getac fingerprint reader, smart card reader and Windows 10 Multi-Factor identification software make it one of the most secure rugged devices

Rated IP65 so it’s dust tight and protected against low jets of directed water

Up to 30 hours battery life using two batteries

5 Year Bumper to Bumper warranty


Cons of the Getac B300

Standard 700 NIT screen display, lower than competitors

Heavier than most competitor units at 3.5 kg because of its military-grade build

Almost double the width of some slim-line competitors at 60 mm


More Information About Rugged Laptops



Below are some of the questions we often get asked from a wide range of customers.


What’s the toughest laptop? 

One of the toughest laptops on the market is the Getac B300 but not everyone needs the durability this unit offers. Some workers are happy to trade off toughness for a lighter, slimmer unit that’s more user friendly.  


What will give me the longest battery life?

The Toughbook 55 has an impressive 40 hour battery life. Other laptops have hot swap battery capabilities. 


How do I choose a good rugged laptop? 

Know your requirements. There’s no one perfect rugged laptop for everyone. A good rugged laptop is one that does everything you need it to do. If you need help choosing the right one, speak to one of the Roaming Technologies hardware experts and we’ll match you up with the right laptop. 


Are there any benefits of getting a rugged notebook over a rugged laptop? 

Some field workers prefer the mobility and ease of use that comes with a notebook. An open tough laptop can handle the harsh conditions but can be cumbersome when you’re on the move and trying to enter data.    


What should we check before buying a rugged laptop?

Always check the specifications. These will tell you if the laptop is ideal for running the programs you need and can withstand the demands of the environment you’ll use it in. Remember, the best rugged laptops are the ones that suit you and the way you work.  


Need Some Assistance?

If you need help with information or choosing your ideal rugged laptop, don’t hesitate to contact the hardware experts at Roaming Technologies by calling 1300 131 933 or contact us online.

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