Android Operating System Update 2022 - What you Need to Know


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Android’s latest operating system updates for rugged devices came in 2022. Most Android 12 devices can be upgraded to Android 13, accessing the latest innovative features on a wide range of phones and tablets. 

Android operating systems continue to grow in popularity. Rugged device users want a device that can withstand the harsh nature of their work with an operating system that is intuitive, reliable and safe. While Android doesn’t do as many releases compared to other operating systems, their releases are comprehensive. The Android 13 is no exception. The number of new and enhanced features makes an Android update worth the wait. 

What’s Included in the Android 13 Release?

Android 13 updates began rolling out in August 2022, starting with Google Pixel phones and then quickly rolled out to other Android products. For Samsung, the Android 13 updates were first released on the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro alongside its One UI 5.0 custom software which includes improvements to privacy and security features.

Customisations Available with Android 13

A range of customisations are included in the Android 13 release, allowing users greater control over personalising their devices. The phone’s wallpaper theme and colour can be matched, making the home screen unique. The style of the phone’s clock can also be customised to your liking. 

Multiple Languages, One Device

For bi-lingual Android users, you can assign special languages to individual apps. Therefore, you can keep your phone in one language and apps in another language.  

Security Upgrades

Android 13 keeps unwanted notifications at bay by making sure you only receive the alerts you ask for. Downloaded apps need explicit permission to send notifications.

Fingerprint animation is available when you’re authenticating for online banking. Instead of seeing a fingerprint sensor, there’s a little green checkmark to show that you’re successfully authenticated. 

Sharing Content from your Device

Android has secured the data copied to a clipboard by automatically clearing the history after a certain period of time. You will also get an alert when an app accesses your personal data.  

You also have the ability to share with apps just the photos and videos you want rather than the entire media library.  

Android Connectivity Improvements

Multi-task more efficiently as you move between your devices. You can copy content such as a photo, text or URL from an Android phone onto your tablet and vice versa. 
If you write or draw on your tablet, you’ll be able to register your palm and stylus pen separately so those pesky stray marks are no longer an issue. 


Stream messaging apps straight onto your Chromebook so you don’t need to put down your laptop and pick up your phone to respond to a chat. An updated taskbar on tablets means you can see all your apps at a glance and drop an app into split-screen mode.  

Impressive Audio

Supported headphones enable head tracking with Spacial Audio shifting the sound when you turn your head. Your Android phone or tablet can now provide a more immersive listening experience. You’ll feel like you’re at the concert, movie or sports game that you’re listening to. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio is also available with Android 13. LE provides enhanced audio quality and broadcast audio to multiple devices at the same time.

HDR video support on third-party camera apps is just another feature of Android 13. 

Samsung Security Updates

The Android 13 update also came with the November 2022 security patch updates, giving users peace of mind that their device had the latest security fixes too. The November 2022 security patch fixes 46 security vulnerabilities with three of these being marked as critical. The patch fixed one moderate and 10 vulnerabilities on Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets. A further 15 fixes are for devices other than the Galaxy.   

Professional Advice on Rugged Devices 

If you’re in the market for a rugged device, the operating system and its features are just one aspect to consider. Tell us what you need the rugged device to do and we’ll match you with the most appropriate device on the market. 

For assistance on whether Android's operating system is the one for the job, chat with one of our experts at Roaming Technologies by calling 1300 131 933, or get in touch with us online.

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