RealWear Navigator 500 Rugged Head-Mount

  • RealWear Navigator 500 Rugged Head-Mount

    RealWear Navigator 500 Rugged Head-Mount a

    RealWear Navigator 500


    The RealWear Navigator®500 is a ruggedised assisted reality solution designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of frontline workers across various industries. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower the modern frontline worker. By facilitating collaboration, improving quality, enhancing productivity, and providing significant ROI, it aims to redefine how manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, consumer products, and logistics industries, among others, operate and innovate.

    Specifications of the RealWear Navigator 500 can be found here.


    • Battery: 2,600 mAh / 10.0 Wh Li-polymer, rechargeable, hot-swappable
    • Enhanced security features: Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment, Crypto Engine, Secure Boot
    • Works with many hard hats, protective eyewear, masks and more
    • USB type-C charging cable
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac - 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
    • Included applications: Document Navigator, Camera with Barcode Reader, Audio Recorder, Video Recorder, Webpage Viewer, Cloud Sync, Media Player, Calculator, Pedometer, Timer

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    The RealWear Navigator 500 is a highly versatile and efficient device designed to meet a wide range of needs across various industries.

    Built for comfortable all-day wear, it features full-shift, hands-free use and allows for easy hot-swapping of batteries, so you don't lose any time on the job. Its revolutionary modular design ensures the device is agile and adaptable, providing the flexibility to support different use cases in various work environments.

    The platform enhances remote collaboration by improving productivity, enabling remote expert guidance, and saving on travel costs while reducing equipment downtime. For businesses looking to scale, the device offers secure, seamless sign-on and enterprise deployment capabilities, making it easier and more time-efficient to manage a fleet of devices.

    Furthermore, the Navigator 500 excels in hands-free use across various sectors. It offers remote expert guidance for complex issue resolution, digital workflows to minimize errors through visual instructions, hands-free documentation capabilities for hard-to-reach places, real-time equipment information via industrial IoT Data, and a Document Navigator for hands-free access to manuals and reference documents. These comprehensive features collectively elevate productivity, safety, and efficiency, making the device a game-changer in multiple industries.

    Camera capabilities realwear navigator 500Camera Capabilities

    The camera sensor focuses on performance and is designed to provide high-quality imaging capabilities with the flexibility to adapt to various needs and environments. These include specialised applications like thermal imaging, enabling fully hands-free thermal capabilities, such as MSX® Enhanced Image Mode, which adds visible light details to thermal images for increased detail.

    It's equipped with a stunning camera that excels in low-light conditions, has enhanced zoom capabilities without losing image quality, and offers advanced video stabilization. The camera can be easily removed and swapped with other accessories or a camera cover, offering adaptability to different environments.

    Moreover, this product offers two modes of operation; the standard mode, which provides 12MP image resolution and 5 zoom levels, along with impressive low-light performance, and the telephoto mode, which offers more than 6X zoom while retaining HD quality (720p) or more than 4X zoom while maintaining full HD quality (1080p).


    The list of accessories, shared across the RealWear Navigator 500 series, makes the Navigator 500 ideal for all frontline workers across various industries with 6 battery multi-charger, camera port cover, clips for Petzl professional hard hats, folding Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad, and more.

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