GPS Personal Tracking - Staying in touch while out on your own

No matter if you are working on your own in the bush, go hiking or just explore the countryside, a Personal Tracking Device gives you a vital line of communication from just about anywhere in the world.

Send your location to loved ones, colleagues and friends

Using GPS, a Personal Tracking Device determines your exact location and communicates this position via satellite or the mobile phone network to nominated email addresses, mobile phones and an Internet tracking page.

Send and receive messages

Furthermore depending on the type of device, a user can send and receive messages. Let your loved ones know you are ok or save your track for your own records.

Emergency alert

In an emergency situation, a tracking device can send a distress signal and alarm the appropirate responder to come bail you out


Personal Tracking Devices are especially recommended for lone workers, elderly people, children, explorers and adventurers.




Tracking within mobile phone coverage only

Tracking via satellite (e.g. in the outback)

Track and send messages



SPOT Satellite Messenger
$269 inc GST


NEW !!! SPOT 2 RAM Mount
$69.95 inc GST

Track and send&receive




$479 inc GST

Solara Fieldtracker 2100 
$1,925 inc GST

Solara Fieldtracker 2000

$1,925 inc GST