Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Mounting rugged hardware into vehicles is easy with 
Roaming Technologies.

There are a lot of good reasons to mount your computer hardware into your vehicle – connect to your network on the road, reduce the downtime of having to return to your office, receive communications instantly, the list goes on.  

But how do you know the install will meet your on-road needs as well as comply with the Road Traffic Act regulations governing in-vehicle computer installations?

Roaming Technologies are Australia’s leading experts in vehicle installations. With in-depth knowledge of the road traffic and vehicle standards regulations, we have worked with clients from a wide range of industries such as Local Government, Building, Mining, Environmental and Exploration to provide safe, secure, efficient and fully compliant in-vehicle computer solutions.

There are a number of solutions available for securely mounting your laptop or tablet computer into a vehicle. Your device can also be powered, have GPS and HSDPA external antenna’s, and support additional screens and keyboards – we’ll design a complete solution that is perfect for you.  

It all adds up to providing the perfect working environment in your vehicle.

Roaming Technologies work with the leading mounting hardware manufacturers such as Industrial Evolution, Tempus, RAM Mounts and Gamber Johnson to design custom mounting solutions for any vehicle type and any required application. And our dedicated installation team can provide installation services throughout Australia.

Dashboard Mounted Screens

When mounting notebooks and docks into vehicles it is preferable to mount the PC away from the vehicle dashboard and to use a dashboard mounted monitor to interact with the PC when in the vehicle. With the many safety regulations around airbag deployment zones, head strike areas and interfering with the drivers controls it is often necessary to install the laptop and vehicle dock in a position behind the drivers seat or in the rear or boot of the vehicle.

The notebook dock is then connected to the front mounted touchscreen which, with the addition of a remote keyboard gives the user full functionality of the PC whilst maintaining a high level of safety and compliance for the driver.

Roaming Technologies offer a range of in-vehicle screens with high visibility output, IP rated to 65 and up to full 1024 x 768 native output and full touchscreen capability. These are available in 8" or 10.4" screen size. Roaming Technologies also offers a proven mounting system for most vehicle types.

Download Datasheet for Motium 10.4" Monitor

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