i.safe Mobile IS540.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1)

  • i.safe Mobile IS540.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1)
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    i.safe Mobile IS540.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1) i.safe 540.1


    The i.safe Mobile IS540.1 sets the benchmark for hazardous areas smartphones, delivering exceptional performance in high-risk explosive or combustible dust environments. Powered by a high-quality processor, this device can handle the most demanding industrial applications, ensuring productivity and safety in critical conditions.

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    i.safe Mobile 540.1 IECEx certification



    1. Certified for Hazardous Zones: The i.safe Mobile IS540.1 is IECEx certified for Zone 1 explosion-proof environments, making it a reliable choice for hazardous areas. It provides peace of mind and meets the stringent safety requirements of industries operating in high-risk locations.

    2. Amplified Loudspeaker for Noisy Environments: Equipped with an amplified loudspeaker, the IS540.1 is ideal for noisy work environments. Enjoy clear and audible communication even in challenging acoustic conditions, ensuring effective collaboration in the field.

    3. Wide Connectivity Options: The IS540.1 supports widely used 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, providing fast and reliable connections for data transfer and communication. Stay connected with the latest network technologies and ensure seamless operations in any environment.


    The i.safe Mobile IS540.1 features:

    • Powerful Performance: Powered by the Qualcomm QCM6490 Octa Core processor and running on the Android™ 12 operating system, the IS540.1 delivers excellent performance for demanding industrial applications. With 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 128 GB via microSD), it can handle data-intensive tasks effectively.

    • Compact and Rugged Design: With dimensions of 180 x 84.9 x 20.6mm and a weight of 422g, the IS540.1 strikes a balance between portability and durability. It meets MIL-STD 810H standards and is certified IP68 dust and water-proof, making it suitable for tough working conditions.

    • Enhanced Sensors and Camera: The device includes sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, light, magnetic, proximity, and pressure, ensuring comprehensive data capture. The 48 MP AF rear camera and 5 MP FF front camera enable high-quality image and video capture for documentation purposes.

    • Long-lasting Battery and Charging Options: The IS540.1 features a replaceable 4400 mAh battery that can be charged via USB-C, desktop chargers, or multi chargers, ensuring continuous usage during demanding work shifts.

    • Wide Communication Options: The smartphone supports various frequency bands, including 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE-FDD, 4G LTE-TDD, and 5G NR. It offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, Bluetooth® 5.2, GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, Near Field Communication, and an ISM interface for secure device connections.

    AccessoriesI.safe Mobile IS540.1 back

    The i.safe Mobile IS540.1 can be customized with a range of accessories to meet specific work requirements. Options include desktop charger sets, USB-C cables, spare batteries, display protection foils, combined lanyard and hand straps, and IS-stylus.

    Support and Availability

    Roaming Technologies provides extended warranty support at no charge for the lifetime of the device, ensuring efficient assistance with any warranty or repair issues. With Australia-wide distribution centers, direct shipments from vendors, and overnight shipping, Roaming Technologies offers industry-leading product availability.


    The i.safe Mobile IS540.1 is a rugged smartphone that excels in hazardous environments, ensuring safety and efficiency in critical operations. With its powerful performance, wide connectivity options, compact design, and comprehensive accessories, it caters to diverse industrial needs.

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    Options and Accessories

    IS540.1 Spare Battery
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    IS540.1 Belt Clip
    IS540.1 Desktop Charger Set
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