i.safe Mobile IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1)

  • i.safe Mobile IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1)
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    i.safe Mobile IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone (Zone 1) i.safe 530.1


    The i.safe Mobile IS530.1 is a cutting-edge smartphone designed to thrive in hazardous areas, offering exceptional performance and safety in high-risk explosive or combustible dust environments. With its robust features and advanced capabilities, this device is the perfect companion for industries operating in Zone 1 hazardous environments.

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    i.safe Mobile 530.1 IECEx certification

    Key Features

    1. Certified for Hazardous Zones: The i.safe Mobile IS530.1 is IECEx certified for Zone 1 explosion-proof environments, ensuring compliance with strict safety regulations. This certification makes it a reliable choice for industries working in hazardous areas.

    2. Amplified Loudspeaker for Clear Communication: Featuring an amplified loudspeaker, the IS530.1 ensures crystal-clear communication even in noisy environments. This feature enhances collaboration and enables seamless communication between team members, improving efficiency in the field.

    3. Wide Connectivity Options: Stay connected in any environment with the IS530.1's support for 4G LTE and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Enjoy fast and reliable data transfer, ensuring uninterrupted communication and access to critical information.


    The i.safe Mobile IS530.1 boasts remarkable capabilities:

    • Powerful Performance: Powered by a robust processor, the IS530.1 delivers impressive performance, enabling seamless multitasking and efficient data processing. It ensures smooth operation of industrial applications, even in demanding scenarios.

    • Compact and Rugged Design: With its compact dimensions, the IS530.1 is built to withstand harsh conditions. It meets rigorous standards for durability and is certified IP68 dust and water-proof, making it resistant to challenging environments.

    • Enhanced Sensors and Camera: The device features a range of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, light, magnetic, proximity, and pressure sensors. Capture detailed images and videos with the 16 MP rear camera, ensuring accurate documentation of work activities.

    • Long-lasting Battery and Charging Options: The IS530.1 is equipped with a reliable, long-lasting battery, allowing for extended usage throughout demanding work shifts. Convenient charging options, including USB-C and multi chargers, ensure a quick recharge when needed.

    • Comprehensive Communication Options: Stay connected with 4G LTE, Bluetooth® 5.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC capabilities. The device offers seamless communication and data exchange, enabling efficient collaboration and access to critical information.

    AccessoriesI.safe Mobile IS540.1 back

    Customize your i.safe Mobile IS530.1 with a range of accessories to enhance productivity and convenience. Options include desktop charger sets, USB-C cables, spare batteries, display protection foils, lanyard and hand strap combinations, and more.

    Support and Availability

    Roaming Technologies provides extended warranty support at no charge for the lifetime of the device. Benefit from our reliable support and efficient resolution of any warranty or repair issues. With Australia-wide distribution centres and expedited shipping, Roaming Technologies ensures industry-leading product availability and prompt delivery.


    The i.safe Mobile IS530.1 is a top-tier smartphone designed to excel in hazardous environments, combining performance, safety, and connectivity features. With its robust capabilities, compact design, and comprehensive accessories, it empowers productivity and efficiency in critical operations. Partner with Roaming Technologies for exceptional support and seamless availability. Contact Roaming Technologies today to harness the power of the i.safe Mobile IS530.2 and elevate your performance in hazardous environments.

    If you have any questions about the i.safe IS530.1, call to speak to one of the experts at Roaming Technologies on 1300 131 93 or contact us online.

    $3,500.00 (inc GST)

    Options and Accessories

    IS530.1 Desktop Charger Set
    IS530.1 Multi-Charger Set
    IS530.1 Battery (3600mAh)
    IS530.1 Belt Clip
    IS530.1 Headset Set
    IS530.1 Leather Case