i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 Intrinsically Safe Head Mounted Tablet (Zone 1)

  • i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 Intrinsically Safe Head Mounted Tablet (Zone 1)
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    i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 Intrinsically Safe Head Mounted Tablet (Zone 1) i.safe HMT-1Z1


    The i.safe HMT-1Z1 is a groundbreaking, voice-controlled head-mounted tablet designed for use in hazardous environments environments, certified under zones 1/21. It operates on Android with intuitive voice control features, supporting hands-free operation in noisy industrial settings. This device features a high-resolution microdisplay, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2 GB RAM, and a 16 MP front camera. With IECEX certification it is ideal for complex remote support tasks requiring rugged, explosion-proof equipment. The HMT-1Z1 also includes various accessories for enhanced functionality and adaptability in field operations.

    i.Safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 Datasheet

    i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 IECEx certification

    Key Features

    1. Certified for Hazardous Areas: The i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 is IECEx certified for Zone 1 explosion-proof environments, ensuring compliance with strict safety regulations. This certification is essential to enable use in hazardous areas.

    2. High-Resolution Display: Equipped with a microdisplay that provides clear visuals.

    3. Voice Control: Fully hands-free operation with advanced voice recognition technology, ideal for noisy environments.

    4. High-Quality Camera: Features a 16 MP front camera, enabling detailed visual documentation.


    The i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 boasts remarkable capabilities:

    • Hands-Free Operation: Employs voice control for operation without physical touch, suitable for environments where hands-free use is essential.

    • Compact and Rugged Design: With its compact dimensions, the IS530.1 is built to withstand harsh conditions. It meets rigorous standards for durability and is certified IP68 dust and water-proof, making it resistant to challenging environments.

    • Visual Assistance: With its high-resolution camera, it supports detailed visual documentation and remote expert guidance

    • Performance and Durability: Built with a powerful processor and durable design, it ensures reliability under tough industrial conditions.

    • Compliance and Safety: Meets stringent safety standards (ATEX and IECEx) for use in explosive zones.

    AccessoriesI.safe Mobile IS540.1 back

    Customize your i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 with a range of accessories to enhance productivity and convenience. Options include charger sets, Micro- USB cables, Ear Buds, Front Brim Hard Hat, and overhead straps.

    Support and Availability

    Roaming Technologies provides extended warranty support at no charge for the lifetime of the device. Benefit from our reliable support and efficient resolution of any warranty or repair issues. With Australia-wide distribution centres and expedited shipping, Roaming Technologies ensures industry-leading product availability and prompt delivery.


    The i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 is a top-tier voice-controlled Head Mounted Tablet designed to excel in hazardous areas, combining performance, safety, and connectivity features. With its robust capabilities, compact design, and comprehensive accessories, it empowers productivity and efficiency in critical operations. Partner with Roaming Technologies for exceptional support and seamless availability. Contact Roaming Technologies today to harness the power of the i.safe Mobile HMT-1Z1 and elevate your performance in hazardous environments.

    If you have any questions about the i.safe HMT-1Z1, call to speak to one of the experts at Roaming Technologies on 1300 131 93 or contact us online.

    $3,500.00 (inc GST)