Honeywell RT10 Rugged Android Tablet

  • Honeywell RT10 Rugged Android Tablet
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    OverviewHoneywell RT10 Rugged Tablet Forward Facing

    The Honeywell RT10 is designed for rapid user adoption with minimal training for staff to be up to speed with its Android features.

    The R10 is designed for everyone to use, from the shop floor employee or factory worker to supervisors and managers. Its rugged features and connectivity make it suitable for a wide range of industries, with the ability to work in any condition. 

    Features of Honeywell RT10 Rugged Android Tablet

    Features of the Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablet

    • 10.1 inch bright, high resolution display
    • Built tough with IP65 rating
    • Barcode scanning abilities include near, mid and far range scans 

    Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablet Specifications

    Rugged Construction

    The 10.1 inch bright, high-resolution display might be light but it’s durable, making it ideal for field workers to use all shift long.

    The Honeywell RT10 is built to survive a 1.2m drop onto concrete using MIL-STD 810G standards. The IP65 rating protects the device against dust and water.  

    The operating temperature range is 10 - 50 C while the storage temperature range is -30 - 70 C. The operating humidity is 10-90%.

    Power and Connections

    The Honeywell RT10 is powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm® 64-bit Snapdragon octa-core, with the ability to connect to WLAN/WWAN or WLAN networks. Front and rear cameras available (dimensions are 27.19x19.83x1.95cm). 

    Being built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform helps future-proof your investment through Android™ R and beyond.

    For data capture, the FlexRange™ dual-lens imager allows you to scan at a distance for improved productivity. It starts scanning at 10 centimetres all the way out to 10.7 metres so users can scan 1D and 2D barcodes from across the room.

    Field workers can stay connected to subject matter experts or managers with Smart Talk plus text, voice and video communications. 

    Accessories and Optional Extras Honeywell RT10 with black screen with stylus on top

    Whatever your workflow, a full suite of optional accessories helps workers get the most from the device. Shoulder and hand straps make it easy to keep the tablet with you all day long. Vehicle docks are available for mounting the tablet in a forklift or on a desk. Hot swappable batteries mean the device can stay powered up for longer and be passed to the next worker at the end of a shift. 

    Support and Availability

    For all products supplied by Roaming Technologies, our extended warranty support comes at no charge for the lifetime of the device. This means we'll be your single point of contact to assist in any warranty or repair issues, ensuring your device gets back into the field as quickly as possible.

    Shipping costs and delivery lead times will vary depending on the product options and order quantities required. With the use of Australia-wide distribution centres, drop shipments direct from vendors and overnight shipping, we offer industry-leading product availability.

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