Handheld Algiz RT8 - 8" Rugged Android Tablet

  • Handheld Algiz RT8  - 8" Rugged Android Tablet

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    Handheld Algiz RT8

    The Handheld Group in Sweden is a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers for today’s field workers. The RT8 was designed to increase fieldwork efficiency so you can work faster with more focus and fewer interruptions. Their ultra-rugged 8-inch Android tablet has a user-friendly design and has proved popular in utilities, construction, mining, security, public transport, mining and logistics industries around the world. 


    • Dedicated GNSS
    • Mobile device management software
    • Long-life battery and field-swappable spares 
    • Waterproof physical ports

    Specifications of the Handheld Algiz RT8  can be found here.  


    Dock it in the truck for navigation then take it with you into the field without a worry. The Algiz RT8 can withstand drops, extreme temperatures, altitudes, humidity, dust and water - whatever the harsh environment demands. With an IP67 rating and MIL-STD-810G tested, it’s suitable for use in bright sunlight and pouring rain. 

    Handheld Algiz RT8 on the side


    With the 10-point multi-touch Gorilla Glass screen you can view images, maps, spreadsheets and reports. Use the glove and rain mode when required. 

    Save your IT team time and hassle when setting up new devices. The Handheld MaxGo Android software suite allows them to save settings once and apply them across all the organisation’s devices. 

    Use the device’s camera to take a high-resolution photo and email or wirelessly contact the office and send data in real time. Data and work orders can be stored safe on the device and in the cloud. The RT8 has a built-in u-blox GNSS receiver, gyroscope, compass or you can attach your own tools, sensors and antennas - whatever your work demands. 

    Waterproof physical ports can be connected via BT and NFC or use the docking station which gives you extended I/O capabilities such as HDMI, Ethernet, and more.


    The right accessories transform the RT8 from a handheld tablet to one that can allow you to be hands-free. Two slot battery charger, vehicle dock, carry case, shoulder carrier and wireless modem are just some of the accessories available.

    Support and Availability

    For all products supplied by Roaming Technologies, our extended warranty support comes at no charge for the lifetime of the device. This means we'll be your single point of contact to assist in any warranty or repair issues, ensuring your device gets back into the field as quickly as possible.

    Shipping costs and delivery lead times will vary depending on the product options and order quantities required. With the use of Australia-wide distribution centres, drop shipments direct from vendors and overnight shipping, we offer industry-leading product availability.

    If you have any questions about the Algiz RT8, call to speak to one of the experts at Roaming Technologies on 1300 131 93 or contact us online.


    Options and Accessories

    Power Options
    Algiz RT8 - Car charger
    Algiz RT8 - High-capacity battery
    Algiz RT8 - AC Adapter with Including USB-A to USB-type C cable