Getac X600 Fully Rugged 15.6" Laptop

  • Getac X600 Fully Rugged 15.6" Laptop

    Getac X600 Fully Rugged 15.6" Laptop 345678

    OverviewGetac X600 Fully Rugged Laptop with Windows operating system on white background.

    Every year we expect more of our rugged devices, including the ability to do complex tasks from anywhere in the world under the most extreme conditions. Getac has delivered on all these expectations and more with a device that not only powers the big display, but also offers full function, multi-purpose, maximum connectivity and performance on either AC power or battery.

    Features of the X600

    Getac’s X600 Fully Rugged Mobile Workstation delivers on powerful and cutting edge computing that encourages enhanced productivity across teams in a number of industries, including defence, transportation and logistics, and oil and gas.

    • Spacious 15.6-inch screen with full high-definition display (1920x1080p).

    • Equipped with Windows 11 Pro operating system.

    • Supports both USB-A and USB-C functionality.

    • Enhances productivity and device speed with a smart card reader.


    The Getac X600 Fully Rugged Workstation is due to be launched in Australia in 2022, with first stock available for shipping from Roaming Technologies in November 2022.

    If you have any questions about the X600, call to speak to one of the experts at Roaming Technologies on 1300 131 933 or contact us online.