Gamber Johnson Vehicle Dock - Getac F110 Tablet

  • Gamber Johnson Vehicle Dock - Getac F110 Tablet

    Gamber Johnson Vehicle Dock - Getac F110 Tablet 7160-0987-03

    Gamber Johnson Vehicle Dock - Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

    Gamber Johnson F110 Dock - Product Sheet


    Product Details:

    • Designed for the Getac F110 11.6 inch tablet computer
    • Easy to use one-handed operation:
      • Insert bottom of computer into docking station, push top of computer against latch button until latch engages
      • To remove, push up on latch-button with thumb to disengage and pull computer out of docking station
    • Downward-facing I/O ports; cable strain relief and cable management system
    • Docking Station design accommodates mag strip reader and hand strap without shoulder strap attachment (sold separately)
    • POGO pin style docking connector for reliable docking activation
    • VESA 75mm mounting pattern
    • Front bracket to align computer for ease of docking
    • Composite/aluminum design for reduced weight and durability


    • Compatible computer: Getac F110 Tablet
    • Dimensions: 28.6 cm x 32.3 cm x 10.3 cm
    • Certifications: Vibration Testing: MIL-STD 810G 514.5, crash test: SAE J1455 30mph Crash Testing, cycle test: latch handle & docking connectors mechanism 30,000 cycles, environmental testing: hot/cold operational & storage
    • Connectivity includes:
    1. USB: fully-powered USB Type 3.0 (1)
    2. USB: 2.0 (3)
    3. Serial RS 232 (2)
    4. VGA (1)
    5. HDMI (1)
    6. Ethernet: RJ45 Ethernet (1),
    7. Input voltage: 19 vDC,
    8. Optional High GainTriple RF Pass Through
    • Product weight: 1.2kgs