Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Rugged Devices


Rugged laptop

Rugged devices are the device of choice for many industries. They offer superior functionality and durability over standard devices and inturn, allow for long-term cost-saving and increased employee productivity. Rugged technology is no longer confined to those in construction and engineering fields, a range of industries are opting for rugged devices. Here are a few reasons why:


Rugged devices can withstand extremely harsh conditions, from rain to humidity to strong windsand sand/dust. For example, standard devices don’t allow users to interface with the screen with a wet finger, but ruggedized devices often do. If you work in an environment where you are likely to come into contact with the above elements, a rugged laptop will ensure you have a device that is capable of functioning properly and efficiently.

User-friendly Design

Design is perhaps one of the main reasons sales for rugged computers are growing faster than other computer segments at present. Rugged devices are now much lighter and have better functionality overall, including better displays and improved ergonomic design. All of this contributes to an improved user experience. In addition, their advanced screen technologyensures that they provide clarity and brightness in any outdoor condition, even direct sunlight.

Power Supply

Most rugged devices have longer than usual battery life – it can be up to 20 hours for some brands, like PanasonicToughbooks. In addition, a lot of rugged laptops will allow you to just swap out a low battery for a fully charged one.There is no loss of productivity while you wait for your device to charge up.

Wireless Connectivity

A wide variety of wireless options are available with rugged laptops including, WIFI, WLAN, WWAN, Cellular networks.

Strong Warranties

Most manufactures offer multiple year warranties with rugged laptops or computers. For businesses, this allows more precise budgeting and higher productivity.

Easy Access to Printing

Rugged devices offer convenient access to printing. There are mobile handheld computers with built in printers and others that communicate with wireless printers. In addition, you can even print on polythermal paper that won’t tear.

As seen from the above, rugged laptops and computers offer many benefits for businesses. The durability and robust functionalities of a rugged device helps to ensure consistent workflows and processes for employees. Rugged devices also offer significant cost savings in the long term.






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