The Future of Rugged Technology


The Future of Rugged Technology

Rugged technology is becoming ubiquitous. It is seeping into our everyday lives more and more and it’s likely to continue to do so in the coming years. Although once primarily associated with certain industries like construction and engineering, people of all walks of life are now realising the many benefits of rugged technology.

We are living in a world where technology needs to be at our beckon call wherever we are or whatever we are doing and rugged devices provide the ultimate solution for this. Of course, the increasing availability and affordability of wireless broadband has also further encouraged the mobility factor.Now, there is no reason why we can’t stay connected with the rest of the world while in remote places, doing not so conventional things, like rock climbing or working in the oil rigs.

With rugged hardware you don’t have to fear about your tablet falling into the sea while on a sailing trip or your cell phone crashing off a rock while partaking in adventure sports. It is specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and conditions and abide by extremely high standards of durability. In a lot of cases, fully rugged devices will comply with strict military standards–MIL-STD-810F. This standard establishes a set of tests for determining equipment suitability to military operations. It includes testing protocols to simulate environmental stresses from rain, humidity, salt fog, sand/dust, vibration, shock, temperature, etc. It is an all-encompassing standard that is often used for ruggedization testing by mobile computer manufacturers.

To add to that, in terms of design, rugged devices are leading the way over other technologies with manufacturers producing sleeker designs than ever before. Most rugged devices are now a lot lighter and easier to handle. This coupled with enhanced functionality has seen sales for rugged devices increase significantly over the past five years.

Standard computers are simply not suitable for use in many outdoor environments. They have poor battery life and cannot withstand shocks, dust and water. Although rugged devices may be more expensive, they are a long term investment and you’ll find yourself saving money in the long run with very little need for repairs or maintenance.

Be assured that the future of rugged technology looks very bright at present. It is likely that we will see people using mobile rugged computers for their everyday computing and communication needs in the coming years.To find out more about rugged technology, check out our website!

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