Must Have Accessories for Your Rugged Laptop or Tablet


A PMT vehicle docking station is a must-have rugged accessory

Certain occupations require you to work from remote locations, either from your vehicle or from a job-site. These jobs include field workers, emergency response operators, miners, and oil & gas workers. Most of these workers use rugged devices for their increased durability and protection. Choosing the right accessories for your rugged laptop or tablet will help you get the most out of it and will keep you working in complex environments. The accessories we sell are built to the same rugged standards as any rugged device we stock.

To help you work smarter, we’ve made a list of four must-have accessories for your rugged laptop or tablet. 

DC Car chargers

A DC car charger is hands down the most important accessory you need for your rugged laptop or tablet. Working in the field you don’t often have the luxury of being able to plug in to a power point. Your options are limited, so being able to charge your rugged device from your vehicle is vital. 

The Getac DC Power Adapter GE1950-2303 can adjust the output power to meet the required operations for the Getac range of laptops. 

The power adapter is protected in a robust ABS case, sealed for increased toughness. It has an internal temperature limit cut-off circuitry, to detect excessive heat caused by an over-current. This means your device is protected from a short circuit or if a component breaks down.  

The DC charger also has under-voltage and over-voltage protection. Without this protection, over voltages can lead to insulation damage to your device which can create a short circuit. Whereas, under voltage leads to poor performance of your device. These features, combined with a 3 year warranty, ensure your device is safe, secure and guaranteed to keep you working in the most remote environments. 

Vehicle Mounts

Receive alerts instantly and safely on the road with a rugged device vehicle mount. The DS-PAN-503 Dock for ToughPad is the perfect accessory for people that work out of their vehicles, such as emergency response workers. This vehicle mount delivers a complete range of motion with its tilt-swivel feature. Allowing users to quickly change from a vertical to horizontal view and ensures you have access to ergonomic operations. The ToughPad car mount is designed to include theft deterrence and is built with durability and endurance in mind.

Extended Life Batteries 

Rugged laptops and tablets are already built to operate longer than regular devices. But, sometimes you need your rugged device to run for an extended period of time. A must have accessory for 24-hour work operations is an extended battery. The Panasonic FZ-G1 Extended Battery delivers an additional 26 hours of battery life per charge - keeping your device operational for an additional work shift. 

Charging/Docking Stations 

When you use a rugged device in the field, it needs to be always on and ready to go. Docking stations are a reliable and secure way to keep your devices charged and ready to use. The PMT Vehicle Cradle for the Panasonic FZ-G1 is an all aluminum constructed dock. This docking station is designed to dock a Toughpad fitted with external rugged accessories such as hand straps and extended batteries. Tested and certified at MIL-STD 810G and SAE J1455 standards. The PMT Vehicle Cradle combines an industry-leading design with enhanced durability and performance. 

By using the right accessory with your rugged laptop or tablet you can streamline your daily tasks. Allowing you to work smarter not harder. 

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