Installing a Tablet in a Vehicle Safely in the Mining Industry


Installing a Tablet in a Vehicle Safely in the Mining Industry

Roaming Technologies are experienced suppliers in the Australian mining industry. We provide custom-fit vehicle installs for components of rugged hardware, screens, docking stations and autonomous mining displays. 

We are proudly partnered with Panasonic, Getac, Dell, Motium and we’re the Australian distributor for a range of docking station manufacturers. This allows us to offer unparalleled service and support for the hardware we provide as part of our solutions.


Project Background 

For almost a decade now Roaming Technologies have been working with BHP. Over the years we have provided fully compliant installation hardware for their tablet PC’s, autonomous management screens and computer monitors that are mounted into their trucks and light vehicles.

All our vehicle solutions are custom made, as they're required to be make and model specific. They are tested and inspected by the Department of Transport to ensure they are compliant with the ADR (Australian Design Rules) and Road Traffic Act.  

We have provided BHP with solutions for light vehicles such as the Hilux and LandCruiser and heavy vehicles like the CAT 777. All our kits are supplied with complete installation and compliance documentation.


Safety and Reliability 

BHP focuses on providing healthy and safe working conditions for all of its employees. Safety and compliance for our clients is our main priority. We designed and fabricated mounting brackets complete with Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance documentation. This ensured BHP were protected for all OH&S and insurance purposes. 

The Australian Design Rules ensure all standards are met relating to vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions. These standards also cover issues such as occupant protection, structures, lighting, noise, engine exhaust emissions, braking and other items.

To ensure we are compliant with the Australian Design Rules, we need to prove that the level of safety that was present in the vehicle as standard is maintained after the installation of the tablet or screen. This is where we work with local authorities to get documentation in place to prove that safety levels are not compromised. 


The Problem 

BHP came to us because they needed to install hardware in their fleet of mining vehicles. Every aspect of this project was custom, from the design right through to the installation guide we created. The brackets had to meet specific requirements to be fitted in different makes and models of lightweight vehicles and trucks. 

All of our custom-fit brackets are tested to meet ADR rules and guidelines. 

We followed rigorous planning and preparation to ensure BHP was not only satisfied with the end product, but it ticked all safety requirements. 


The Solution - Custom Brackets

We engineered a custom bracket prototype and presented it to BHP for approval. All brackets were designed to connect straight to the vehicles safety cell. We incorporated a rotating knuckle feature that allows drivers to adjust the bracket to better suit them. They can also rotate the screen or push the dock away from the dashboard for easy access to the radio or centre dash controls. 

Once BHP was satisfied with the prototype we produced the custom mounting kits. They were sent with complete installation guides and all compliance documentation. 


Time Frame

As with most projects there is never a lot of time once the approval has been given. We work with local manufacturers and fabricators to make sure we have complete control over the build process and can turn around the hardware within a few weeks for most projects.

Whether it’s a 100 parcel shelf brackets or a simple dash mounting bracket, all fabrication is done locally to ensure we can meet the timelines provided.


Who Else Have We Worked With?

Roaming Tech has also worked with FMG to install hundreds of kits across 3 iron ore mine sites. We developed a design that could be added to a pre existing bracket. This allowed FMG to install a line of communications system to the side of the existing bracket without having to find another mounting point for their tablet. 

We work with all of the major mining companies to deliver cost-effective, compliant and robust solutions for in-vehicle custom fit mounting components.

We also specialise in custom designed brackets for a variety of different projects. We’ve completed a number of different custom fits ranging from a CAT 777 parcel shelf brackets to simple switch brackets. 

From our Perth Headquarters we can arrange on-site installations across Australia with our team of trained technicians and contractors.

If you need advice about tablet vehicle installations for your organisation, let’s talk! Let us know about your project on 1300 131 933, or contact us online.

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