How SOTI MDM Will Connect Your Organisation's Mobile Devices Like Never Before


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SOTI Mobile Device Management (MDM) is changing the way organisations support their mobile devices and staff. No longer do workers feel stranded when they’re out in the field with a device that doesn’t work or meet their needs. They can stay where they are and have a full support service delivered remotely from their organisation’s IT expert.

Connecting Rugged Devices

If your organisation is using rugged devices, you’ll know they’re able to cope with plenty of rough treatment. Drops, shocks, vibrations, water and extreme temperatures aren’t a problem for a rugged tablet or smartphone. However, a software problem can render the toughest device useless and leave staff standing around with nothing to do.

Any device is at risk of unplanned downtime, security risks of stolen or compromised data and difficulties with device deployment, enrollment and provisioning procedures.

Rugged devices are often used by mobile staff in locations that don’t have access to an IT expert in their organisation. This means that staff need the problem fixed remotely, which can prove to be a challenge. Enter SOTI and its MobiControl platform, helping to give your IT staff complete control and visibility of all the organisation’s devices. From Android, iOS, Windows and Linux, SOTI has it covered.

MobiControl Supporting Mobile Workers

For over 15 years, SOTI services have helped empower enterprise mobility, with its cutting edge technology now changing the face of Mobile Device Management.

SOTI MobiControl is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that has been built using world class technology. Organisations around the globe are benefitting from SOTI solutions, whether they use consumer-based devices or rugged devices. Any network of any size can be supported by SOTI.

SOTI MobiControl is suitable for all operating systems on mobile devices, laptops and tablets including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

SOTI MobiControl Solutions

The powerful MobiControl offers the following solutions for internal IT staff:

  • Help Desk Tools - An organisation’s help desk operator can use SOTI to gain full remote control of any device over any network connection to manage and view services, tasks, files and device registration.

  • Problem Diagnosis - Access to diagnostic and imaging tools to create baseline diagnostics of a device and identify an issue that may cause a problem in the future.

  • Data Synchronisation - SOTI stops the frustration of mobile staff not having access to the latest files and data. 

  • Software Development - IT staff use SOTI to deploy new software or updates to all devices over any network connection.

  • Asset Management - Keep track of hardware and software assets, as well as automatic reconfiguration according to location.

  • Reporting - SOTI helps with standard or custom reports to monitor mobile operations.

MobiControl Features

SOTI MobiControl can be used for a range of critical business services thanks to its variety of features.

Security Capabilities

SOTI MobiControl allows you to protect devices, data and workers with security features including Kiosk Mode, geofencing and lockdown. The geofencing functionality allows IT to turn features and apps on-and-off based on the location of the device.

SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf secure corporate files and web content. Create, edit and upload Microsoft Office files and images using the SOTI Hub app, set data leakage prevention (DLP) rules and use lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) integration to control permissions. 

SOTI XTreme Technology

SOTI XTreme Hub uses technology that communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl to receive data and app transfers to a large number of Android devices. This reduces the time it takes to distribute apps and data to devices by up to 10 times, which also lowers the strain on a network connection.

Location Services

A mobile device can act as a lifeline for a worker in a remote area. The location services feature will show the location of all online devices, as well as the last known location of any offline device. 


SOTI MobiControl allows you to dictate who has access to which permissions in the organisation. Users can be permitted to read only or read and write in relation to custom data and attributes.

IT Access

Your organisation’s IT staff will have access to blacklists and whitelists that control what corporate applications are available to which employees and devices. This is done through integration with Apple VPP and Google Play. Additionally, protect your work devices with the lockdown functionality. During work hours, devices can be locked from downloading non-work related apps and minimise the risk of malware that can steal the organisation’s data.

SOTI One Platform

SOTI MobiControl is a standalone solution available to organisations. However, if you require other solutions, you can invest in the SOTI One Platform and all it has to offer.


A cross-platform mobile app development solution that’s built for businesses to build apps in-house as they need them quickly and cost-efficiently. 

SOTI Assist

Using award-winning remote control technology that helps IT staff diagnose and resolve problems with mobile devices and apps from anywhere.

SOTI Connect

A printer management and IoT solution that provides lifecycle management of IoT-enabled devices and printers within an organisation. The data-driven architecture means devices are supported and managed to reduce deployment time and management overhead.

SOTI Identity

Simple and secure access to the SOTI One Platform with single sign-on and role management. 

SOTI Central 

An online community for SOTI partners and customers to collaborate and get the most out of their mobile devices and IoT deployments. 

Need Some Help?

If you would like to know more about SOTI MDM contact the experts at Roaming Technologies online or and speak to one of the rugged experts on 1300 131 933.

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