Intrinsically Safe Solutions 

If you work in areas where hazardous gas or dust may be present, you’ll need an intrinsically safe device. These are designed for safety in potentially explosive environments, as they are unable to release sufficient electrical or thermal energy to cause the ignition of a hazardous atmosphere.

Intrinsically safe devices ensure productivity and connectivity don’t take a hit, even in the most extreme conditions. Although, as good as rugged devices are, not all organisations want to use Android or Windows - which is where intrinsically safe cases come in.

Roaming Technologies is proud to be the sole distributor of intrinsically safe XCIEL cases in Australia, meaning you have local Australian support for installation and ongoing maintenance. As an IECEx certified facility, we are authorised to fit your iPhone or iPad into its new case and provide ongoing support.

For more information about the case you need for your Zone 1 or Zone 2 site, let us know your model of iPhone or iPad and we’ll provide you with the information you require.

Browse our range of intrinsically safe devices and ruggedised cases or call and speak to one of the experts at Roaming Technologies.


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