Getac B300 13.3-inch Fully Rugged Laptop

  • Getac B300 13.3-inch Fully Rugged Laptop

    Getac B300 13.3-inch Fully Rugged Laptop B300 G7

    Getac B300 13.3-Inch Fully Rugged LaptopThe Getac B300 is now End of Life.This has been superceded by the Getac B360 and Getac B360 Pro.


    It’s been nearly ten years since the Getac B300 was first introduced to the rugged device market. The B300 is Getac’s top selling rugged notebook and it was named by Top Ten

    Reviews as “The Best Rugged Laptop on the Market”.

    Now in its 7th generation and complete with IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certification, the B300 is the toughest rugged laptop ever developed by Getac. The notebook has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures and work environments that are subject to spills, dust and sudden drops.

    There are certain occupations that require  full-size, durable, rugged notebooks like the Getac B300. Police officers, emergency services, construction managers, geologists and engineers are just some of the many occupations that need their devices to work reliably even when they take a beating.

    With its best-in-class battery life, a powerful 1400 NIT screen display and 8th generation Intel Core Processor, the B300 is unmatched in performance and durability.


    8th Gen Intel Core Processor

    With its powerful 8th Gen Intel Core Processor, you can achieve Turbo Boost speeds of up to3.4GHz which ensures you can successfully do any CPU intensive tasks your job requires. This is a great feature for police officers who need to quickly run number plate scans while on traffic patrol, or workers in the field who need efficient live mapping or require live video processing.

    Powerful Sunlight Readable DisplayGetac B300 powerful screen display

    With a standard 700 Nit display (optional 1400 Nit upgrade) and QuadraClear touch screen technology, the Getac B300 delivers one of the most powerful screen displays available on the rugged device market. A Nit is a measurement of brightness per square metre. For comparison, a typical TV that is a few years old puts out approximately 100 - 200 NITs. 1,400 Nits makes this one of the brightest rugged laptop displays available and perfect for people who work in the unrelenting sunlight of outback Australia.

    QuadraClear touch screen technology uses anti-reflective properties to deliver a contrast ratio that is more than 6 times higher than other displays, without affecting the device’s battery life. This technology, combined with its powerful display, ensures that you can power though your work without any visibility issues, even when exposed to harsh sunlight or high-wattage lighting.  


    Low Temperature Operation

    Physicists, Scientists and cool room operators are just some professions that require their devices to work in sub-zero temperatures. The Getac B300 has enclosed its storage device in a heating blanket which allows the notebook to be fully functional in temperatures as low as -29 degrees celsius. To give you a better understanding about how cold it can be for this device to still work, the average freezer temperature is -18 degrees celsius.  

    Getac B300 Night Vision Operations for Law EnforcementNight Vision Operations for Law Enforcement

    Working in the Military or the Police force requires discretion in the field when using equipment and sometimes complete darkness is required for covert missions.

    The Getac B300 can be switched to night vision mode with the click of a button. Night vision mode switches the B300 to complete darkness but makes it visible to the operator who is wearing night vision goggles.



    Advanced WiFi and Security Capabilities

    The Getac B300 rugged notebook delivers some of the fastest internet speeds on the market with its 802.11ac WiFi.

    802.11ac is a turbocharged update of 802.11n and comfortably provides speeds between 433 Mbps and several gigabits per/second, making this perfect for jobs that require instantaneous transfer of data.

    The Getac B300 boasts TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) security software, ensuring your sensitive data is protected from malicious attacks and tampering. Trusted Platform Module is a crypto-processor chip that checks your device upon start-up for any security breaches. Combine the TPM 2.0 with the Getac fingerprint reader, smart card reader and WIndows 10 Multi-Factor identification software, and you have one of the most secure rugged devices on the market.

    Getac B300 Accessories & Upgrades

    You can customise the B300 extensively to meet your requirements. Upgrades include a GPS module, more RAM, larger SSD and a rubber backlit keyboard. 

    Get longer battery life and portability options with spare batteries, a dual bay battery charger, vehicle mount and car charger.

    Engineers using the Getac B300 on a construction site


    Availability, Delivery and Support

    We carry some stock of the Getac laptop and tablet models and most accessories in our warehouse. Larger orders may need to be ordered from our distributors and subject to their stock holdings we can overnight drop ship.  If these stocks are not available the normal leadtime is approx. 5 weeks from placement of order.

    Free Overnight Delivery

    Most orders can be sent with FREE overnight delivery. Larger orders or bulky items may be sent using an off-peak service, again free of charge. We will advise you if your order is being sent off peak. If you have any questions about availability and delivery times please phone us or get in touch on our Contact Us page.

    Local Australian Support

    Roaming Technologies will be your local point of contact and we will manage the warranty or repair process to make sure your device works exactly as it should.

    Want to know more about the Getac B300? Talk to one of our rugged hardware experts on 1300 131 933 or contact us online.

    Getac B300 Data Sheet




    Getac B300

    Key Features * Fully Magnesium Alloy Case
      * ANSI CertifIED
      * Intel® Core™ i5 trade; Technology
      * 700 nits Display
      * Shock-protected removable HDD
    Rugged Rating MIL-STD-810G compliance and IP65 certified
      Operating temperature: -20 to -140 °F (-29 to 60 C)
      Storage Temperature: -60 to 160 °F (-51 to 71 C)
      Vibration & drop resistant
      Full magnesium alloy case
    Processor Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor 2.3GHz
    Operating System Windows® 10 Professional
    Storage & Memory SATA HDD 500GB - Optional SATA SSD 128/256GB/512GB/1TB
      4GB DDR4 - Expandable to 16GB
    Display 13.3" TFT LCD XGA (1024 x 768)
      700 nits Display - Optional 1400nits QuadraClear™ sunlight readable display with touchscreen
      Intel® HD Graphics 520
    Field Service Features Optional GPS
    Warranty 5 Years limited warranty
    Expansion Slots PCMCIA Type II x 1
      ExpressCard/54 x 1
      SD card reader x 1
      2-in-1 memory card reader
    Audio Audio output (Mini-jack) x 1
    Interface USB 3.0 (9-pin) x 1
      LAN (RJ45) x 1
      Serial port (9-pin; D-sub) x 2
      External VGA (15-pin; D-sub) x 1
    Keyboard and Input LED Backlit Membrane keyboard
    Power Supply AC Adapter (90W, 100-240VAC, 50 / 60 Hz)
      Li-Ion smart battery (8700mAh)
      AC charger
    Dimensions and Weight 303.5 x 263 x 60 mm (11.9" x 10.35" x 2.36")
      3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
    Wireless  Bluetooth (v4.2
      Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260, 802.11ac
    Integrated Options Optional GPS and Optional Gobi™2000 mobile broadband
    Optional Accessories Vehicle Charger
      Spare Li-Ion Smart Battery Standard(8700mAh)
      Spare Stylus and tether for touchscreen models only
      Protection film
      Carry Bag
      AC Adapter


    $5,750.00 Each (inc GST)
    RRP: $6,730.00

    Options and Accessories

    Integrated Options
    B300 RAM upgrade to 16GB total
    B300 512GB SSD Upgrade
    B300 1400Nit Touschscreen Upgrade
    B300 Optional Rubber Keyboard
    B300 Integrated GPS Receiver
    B300 Integrated 4G/LTE Modem
    Power Options
    Spare Main Battery, 9-Cell
    Spare AC Adapter (with power cord)
    External Dual Bay Main Battery Charger
    Vehicle Charger (11-16v or 22-32v)
    Docking Solutions
    Vehicle Dock + Port Replication without PassThrough
    Vehicle Dock + Port Replication with PassThrough
    Office Dock (with AC Adapter)
    General Accessories
    Carry Bag
    Stylus Pen and tether for touchscreen models
    Protective Film 13.3" for B300