Ecom Tab-Ex 02 8-Inch Rugged Tablet - Intrinsically Safe ATEX Zone 2

  • Ecom Tab-Ex 02 8-Inch Rugged Tablet - Intrinsically Safe ATEX Zone 2

    Ecom Tab-Ex 02 8-Inch Rugged Tablet - Intrinsically Safe ATEX Zone 2 SM-T360NNGAAUSDZ201000

    Ecom Tab-Ex 02 8-Inch Rugged TabletThe Ecom Tab-Ex02 is now end of life, and has been superseded by the Ecom Tab-Ex03 which is now available to order.  Click here to find out more 


    The Ecom Tab-Ex 02 rugged tablet is the slimmest tablet in the world for use in Zone 2 and Division 2 work environments. It’s a robust, lightweight and portable Android 9 tablet based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. 

    With an 8-inch display, 1.6 GHz Octa-Core CPU and 3 GB of RAM it’s a highly capable tablet, ideal for running complex Augmented Reality programs for maintenance workers.


    Zone 2 Hazardous Areas Operation

    All rugged devices meet MIL-STD-810G standards and are built to withstand drops, shocks and vibrations, but not every device is approved for hazardous area Zone 2 operations.

    Zone 2 environments, as classified by ATEX and IECEx have an explosive atmosphere present that is made up of air or flammable elements such as gas or vapours. An explosion in a Zone 2 environment is deemed as not likely to occur during work activities, but if it does it is only likely to be for a small amount of time. 

    Whereas, Zone 1 is defined as an area where an explosion is likely to occur during normal work operations, and Zone 0 is where an explosive gas atmosphere exists for long periods of time.

    It’s important to understand which Zone classification your work environment has before selecting the appropriate rugged device. Ecom identified the need for high-performance tablets in hazardous and non-hazardous work environments and have developed an entire range of devices for Zone 1, Zone 2 and non-hazardous zones. No matter what type of work you do, there is an Ecom Tab-Ex Series device for you. 

    Who Needs The Tab-Ex 02?

    For some professions, being restricted to a desktop computer is not an option. Many workers require a high-functioning mobile device that lets them work on-the-go. Oil and gas workers, scientists and miners are just some of the professions who work in hazardous areas.

    These jobs require a reliable device that allows them to run maintenance checks, inspect machinery and send critical information for analysis. Ecom have built the Tab-Ex 02 for safety and functionality.


    Camera and Barcode Reader

    Ecom Tab-Ex Series Zone 2 tablet comes equipped with two cameras and a barcode readerThe Ecom Tab-Ex Series Zone 2 tablet comes equipped with two cameras. There is a 5 MP front camera with autofocus, ideal for video calls. The tablet also has an 8 MP rear camera with a flash, face recognition and built-in auto ID of barcodes and QR codes. This allows the operator to scan, identify and track items and enter them straight into the system.

    This is a handy feature for logistics jobs that need to meticulously monitor the supply of warehouse products and important pharmaceuticals. An all-in-one device like this could replace separate tablets, phones and barcode scanners, combining everything into the one portable, compact tablet.

    IP67 and MIL-STD-810G Standards

    The Ecom Zone 2 is an ultra rugged device that meets the robust MIL-STD-810G standards. This means that the tablet has undergone a series of extreme tests to ensure the device will operate tirelessly in extreme work conditions. This includes drops from heights of more than 1 metre, vibrations, shocks, and other rigours that would damage or destroy a regular tablet.

    The Tab-Ex 02 is IP67 approved. The IP rating is a way to classify a device’s resistance to wind, dust and water. The two numbers after ‘IP’ gives an indication as to how much stress the device can handle from solids (sand and dust) and liquids (water). 

    The first number represents solids (6), and is the highest IP rating given for solids. It means the device is ‘protected from contact by harmful dust’. The second number represents liquids (7), and is the second highest IP rating a rugged device can receive. 

    All together this means the Tab-Ex 02 can be used in all kinds of weather. The screen can be used with gloves and in the rain and snow, perfect for the extreme conditions many oil and gas industry professionals deal with every day.

    This means that the Ecom Zone 2 tablet can be submerged in water up to 1 metre in depth for a maximum of 30 minutes.

    Battery Life & Accessories

    The Tab-Ex 02 has up to 11 hours of battery life which is enough to get through a full shift. The device also has NFC and Wireless 4G LTE capabilities, Samsung KNOX security protection and is suitable for use with gloves.

    Ecom sell several compatible accessories to upgrade functionality including intrinsically-safe GPS locator beacons, a standalone barcode scanner, bluetooth headsets and an external keyboard with integrated barcode scanner and NFC receiver.


    Support & Availability

    For all products supplied by Roaming Technologies our extended warranty support comes at no charge for the lifetime of the device.  This means we'll be your single point of contact to assist in any warranty or repair issues, ensuring your device gets back into the field as quickly as possible.

    Shipping costs and delivery lead times will vary depending on the product options and order quantities required.  With the use of Australia wide distribution centres, drop shipments direct from vendors and overnight shipping, we offer industry leading product availability.

    Want to know more about the Ecom Tab-Ex Series Zone 2 Tablet (IECEx)? Talk to one of our rugged hardware experts on 1300 131 933 or contact us online. 

    We are specialists in intrinsically safe devices so if you aren’t sure what you need, give us a call.



    Ecom Tab-Ex 02 DataSheet


    Operating System Android 9
    Processor Octa-core 1.6 GHz processor (Cortex-A53)
    Storage ROM 16 GB 
    Memory  RAM 3 GB 
    Display 8" TFT display with 1280 x 800 pixels
    Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

    Optional - 4G /LTE

    Navigation GPS
    Integrated Features  8 MP with rear camera flash with barcode scanner capability 
      5 MP front camera 
    Power Supply Up tp 11 hours battery life / 4.400 mAh 

    Operating temperature -20 … +60 °C

    Dimensions & Weight

    12.8cm * 21.5cm * 1cm


    Warranty 12 months 


    $2,692.00 (inc GST)

    Options and Accessories

    Tab-Ex02 Uprgrade to 4G/LTE
    Tab-Ex02 Upgrade Memory to 256GB total
    Tab-Ex02 Spare Battery Pack
    Tab Ex-02 5Bay Desktop Charger
    Tab Ex-02 Vehicle Dock
    Tab Ex-02 S Pen
    Tab Ex-02 Rotating Handstrap