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    There are a lot of good reasons to mount your computer hardware into your vehicle – connect to your network on the road, reduce the downtime of having to return to your office, receive communications instantly, the list goes on.

    However you will find there are a myriad of rules and regulations covering driver facing screens – from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to your industry’s OH&S policy and your organisation’s own safety procedures. 

    Screen Sentry's simple and inexpensive technology will ensure you meet these regulations.



    Screen Sentry automatically blanks the on-board computer screen when the vehicle is in motion. It can also permit only ‘allowable’ programs such as navigation applications, reversing camera displays and job scheduling systems, as most regulations provide some exemptions for ‘aids to navigation’.

    Because no two industries or business have the same requirements, and regulations vary depending on your location, Screen Sentry can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

    Designed to meet Australia’s strict regulations for laptop installations in vehicles, all relevant regulatory bodies there have agreed that Screen Sentry enables in-vehicle computer installations to be compliant.



    The way Screen Sentry works is simple but effective: 


    Screen Sentry suits any type of vehicle, brand of notebook computer or mounting system and consists of a Windows based application and a certified proprietary cable.


    It starts up automatically when the computer is turned on and is activated when the key is turned to the ignition position. The Screen Sentry cable is wired into the handbrake circuit of the vehicle.


    When the handbrake is disengaged this signals that the vehicle is operational and Screen Sentry immediately determines which, if any, computer screens should be allowed.If there are no allowable programs, the ‘blanking’ screen is presented


    If there are allowable programs, the driver can toggle between these via a simple pre programmed list of applications on the screen.


    Where a computer is mounted on a ‘swing away’ bracket, Screen Sentry can be designed to disengage when the screen is facing away from the driver so that a passenger can have full access while the vehicle is in motion.



    Our installation team will work closely with your IT department to determine: 


    How best to roll out the new software, including physical installation and licensing requirements.  


    Configuration of allowable programs and any other specific requirements (for example, display of an OHSS message as the blanking screen). 


    Screen Sentry is then typically installed by the installer of the in-board computers or a licensed auto-electrician (for retro-fits).



    Any business with an on-the road workforce can benefit from Screen Sentry – delivery drivers, local councils, government utilities, maintenance crews, forklift drivers, sales teams and mining sites are just some of our current clients.


    Download the Screen Sentry data sheet


    $250.00 Each (inc GST)