Rugged Communications

Working anywhere other than an office environment presents a range of challenges. Your rugged equipment needs to be able to handle harsh conditions including bright light, extreme temperatures, water and dust. There’s also communications difficulties to overcome in remote locations.

Our range of tough products are designed for mobile workers to do their work more efficiently and safely.

The philosophies behind our product offerings are:

  • Input it Better - Wired and Bluetooth Keyboards & Mice - Their rugged yet comfortable design means they can handle the toughest conditions and never miss a beat.

  • Capture the Signal Better - Signal Boosters and Antennas - Designed for 4G/LTE and GPS networks to communicate with the office, clients and family from the most remote locations using our reliable devices.

  • Hear it Better - Wired and Bluetooth Headsets - Don’t miss a word with comfortable headsets that block out background noise and connect to multiple devices.

View our range of rugged communication products that compliment our rugged laptops, tablets and handhelds.

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